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I Am Gabriel Movie Download

I Am Gabriel Movie Review

I Am Gabriel is a Christian drama film released in 2012, directed by Mike Norris and starring Dean Cain, Gavin Casalegno, Elise Baughman, and John Schneider. The film tells the story of a mysterious boy who arrives in a dying Texas town and brings hope and healing to its residents. The film is based on a screenplay by Kaci Hill, Mike Norris, and Neal Odom.


The film begins with a couple driving along a dusty road and finding a boy walking alone with nothing but a mat under his arm. They take him to the nearest town, Promise, which is suffering from drought, poverty, and despair. The boy introduces himself as Gabriel and says he is there to help. He soon befriends the town's doctor, Doc (John Schneider), who is terminally ill with cancer. He also meets the town's sheriff, Brody (Dean Cain), who is skeptical of Gabriel's identity and motives. Brody is struggling to keep the town together and to raise his rebellious daughter, Camrynn (Jenn Gotzon Monroe).

As Gabriel stays in Promise, he performs miracles and spreads the message of God's love and forgiveness. He heals Doc's cancer, restores the town's water supply, revives a dead bird, and inspires the townspeople to pray and repent. He also helps Brody and Camrynn reconcile their relationship and rekindle their faith. However, not everyone is happy with Gabriel's presence. Some people accuse him of being a false prophet, a runaway, or even an alien. Brody also becomes suspicious of Gabriel's mat, which seems to have mysterious powers.

The film reaches its climax when Doc dies of a heart attack after giving a sermon at the church. Brody confronts Gabriel and demands him to reveal his true identity. Gabriel pleads with Brody to believe that he is there to help, not to hurt anyone. He then opens his mat and shows Brody what is inside: a pair of angel wings. Gabriel reveals that he is an angel sent by God to prepare the town for the second coming of Christ. He tells Brody that he has completed his mission and that he has to leave. He also tells him that he loves him and that he will see him again in heaven. Brody is stunned and humbled by Gabriel's revelation. He hugs him and thanks him for saving his town and his soul.

The film ends with Gabriel flying away into the sky with his wings. The townspeople watch him in awe and gratitude. Brody narrates that Promise was transformed by Gabriel's visit and that they are now ready for the return of their Savior.

I Am Gabriel is a film that delivers a powerful message of hope, faith, and redemption. It portrays the struggles and challenges of living in a fallen world and the need for divine intervention. It also shows the importance of trusting God's plan and following His guidance. The film has a simple but effective plot that keeps the audience engaged and curious. The film also has a strong cast that delivers convincing performances. Dean Cain and Gavin Casalegno have a great chemistry as Brody and Gabriel, respectively. John Schneider gives a touching performance as Doc, who serves as a mentor and friend to Gabriel. The film also features some beautiful cinematography that captures the contrast between the barren landscape of Promise and the heavenly glory of Gabriel.

I Am Gabriel is a film that will appeal to Christian audiences who are looking for an uplifting and inspiring story. It is also a film that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a good drama with a supernatural twist. The film has a positive message that can inspire viewers to seek God's presence in their lives and to share His love with others.

If you are interested in watching I Am Gabriel, you can find it on [Pure Flix], [YouTube], or [Amazon Prime Video]. You can also check out the [official trailer] or read more about the film on [IMDb].


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