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Download Film Cowok Komersil Bertrand 20

Cowok Komersil: A Classic Indonesian Comedy Film

Cowok Komersil (Commercial Boy) is a 1977 Indonesian comedy film directed by Arizal and starring Rahmat Kartolo, Yatti Octavia, Robby Sugara, and Doddy Sukma. The film tells the story of a young man who works as a model and actor for various advertisements, but faces problems with his love life and family. The film was one of the most popular Indonesian films in the 1970s and launched the careers of many of its cast members.

download film cowok komersil bertrand 20

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The film's main character is Bertrand (Rahmat Kartolo), a handsome and charming young man who works as a model and actor for various commercials. He is very successful in his career, but not in his personal life. He has a girlfriend named Inge (Yatti Octavia), who is also a model, but she is jealous and possessive of him. She constantly accuses him of cheating on her with other women, especially his co-stars in the commercials. Bertrand tries to reassure her, but she does not trust him.

Bertrand also has problems with his family. His father (Bambang Irawan) is a strict and conservative businessman who does not approve of his son's career choice. He thinks that Bertrand is wasting his time and talent on trivial things and wants him to join his company instead. His mother (Ade Irawan) is more supportive of him, but she is often sick and needs medical attention. Bertrand loves his parents, but he does not want to give up his passion for acting.

One day, Bertrand gets an offer to star in a feature film directed by a famous director (Kaharudin Syah). He is excited about this opportunity, but he faces a dilemma. The film requires him to do some intimate scenes with his co-star (Debbie Cinthya Dewi), who is a beautiful and seductive actress. Bertrand knows that this will upset Inge and his father, but he also does not want to miss this chance to advance his career. What will he do? Will he choose love or fame?

Cowok Komersil is a classic Indonesian comedy film that combines humor, romance, drama, and social commentary. The film satirizes the commercialization of culture and the media industry in Indonesia in the 1970s. It also portrays the conflicts between traditional values and modern lifestyles, as well as the challenges faced by young people in pursuing their dreams. The film features many catchy songs and memorable scenes that have become part of Indonesian pop culture history.

If you are interested in watching Cowok Komersil, you can find it on [YouTube]. You can also learn more about the film and its cast on [IMDb]. Enjoy!


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