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Mogalirekulu Serial Episode 200

Mogalirekulu Serial Episode 200 - A Review

Mogalirekulu is a popular Telugu daily serial that revolves around the lives of three brothers who are separated by fate and reunited by destiny. The serial is created by Manjula Naidu and written by Bindu Naidu, who are known for their previous hit serial Chakravakam. Mogalirekulu has been running since 2006 and has completed over 1600 episodes so far.

In this article, we will review the 200th episode of Mogalirekulu, which aired on June 16, 2008. The episode was a milestone for the serial, as it marked the entry of a new character, R.K. Naidu, played by Sagar. R.K. Naidu is the eldest of the three brothers, who was presumed dead in a bomb blast. He is actually alive and working as a police officer in Mumbai. He comes to Hyderabad to investigate a case related to his past and meets his long-lost family.


Highlights of the Episode

  • The episode begins with R.K. Naidu arriving at the airport and taking a taxi to his hotel. He is shown to be a tough and smart cop, who does not tolerate any nonsense from anyone. He also has a soft side, as he remembers his childhood with his brothers and mother.

  • Meanwhile, at the Mogalirekulu house, Dharma (the second brother) and Selva (the third brother) are preparing for their sister's wedding. They are unaware of R.K.'s existence and think that he died along with their father in the blast. They also have a stepmother, Devi, who is scheming to take over their property.

  • R.K. gets a call from his boss, who informs him that the case he is working on is related to a gangster named Durga Prasad, who is based in Hyderabad. Durga Prasad is also the main antagonist of the serial, who is responsible for many crimes and atrocities, including the blast that separated R.K. from his family.

  • R.K. decides to go to Durga Prasad's house and confront him. He reaches there and finds out that Durga Prasad is not at home. He then sees a photo of Dharma and Selva on the wall and recognizes them as his brothers. He is shocked and confused by this revelation.

  • The episode ends with R.K. wondering how his brothers are connected to Durga Prasad and what happened to his family after the blast.

Analysis of the Episode

The episode was a turning point for the serial, as it introduced a new dimension to the story and added more drama and suspense. The viewers were eagerly waiting for R.K.'s entry, as he was shown in the promos and teasers for a long time. The episode did not disappoint them, as it delivered a powerful performance by Sagar as R.K. Naidu. He portrayed the character with conviction and charisma, making him an instant favorite among the fans.

The episode also had some emotional moments, as R.K. reminisced about his past and saw his brothers after many years. The contrast between his life as a cop in Mumbai and his brothers' life as businessmen in Hyderabad was well depicted. The episode also raised many questions in the minds of the viewers, such as how R.K. survived the blast, how he became a police officer, how Dharma and Selva got involved with Durga Prasad, and what will happen when R.K. meets his family.


The 200th episode of Mogalirekulu was a memorable one for the serial and its fans. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in the story, which would unfold in the coming episodes. The episode also showcased the talent and versatility of Sagar as an actor, who impressed everyone with his portrayal of R.K. Naidu. The episode was a perfect blend of action, emotion, mystery, and drama, making it one of the best episodes of Mogalirekulu.

If you want to watch this episode or any other episodes of Mogalirekulu, you can find them on YouTube or Dailymotion. You can also follow the official playlist of the serial on YouTube for the latest updates. Mogalirekulu is a serial that you should not miss, as it is one of the longest-running and most successful serials in Telugu television history.


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